These two mushrooms look alike. Probably one is older than the other. One little, one big. One thicker, one brighter. Similar species, they seem the same by the eye of a two leg walker who is staring at them and standing still wishing she is one of them.

Last time she saw herself in the mirror she could not find her curves like the ones in the magazines. She felt sad and irregular, out of that world and its shape. 

During her empty lifespan she kept wondering how to fit in, she struggled all her spores out until today.

She realized that she didn’t need a mirror. She just needed a walk, to find her reflection in these two mushrooms.

She read once that mushrooms don’t have roots, but mycorrhizal associations. The mycelium’s role is to collect nutrients and water and keep the mushroom anchored to the earth. So she wished.

She wished there was a root system underneath her humanity, in which everybody is unique but interdependent, knowing that we need each other.  Knowing that we are all connected to each other in order to be, whether we see it or not, feel it or not. 

She felt complete in one stem and a big head full of ideas, creativity, fairy tales. A head to save her from bad weather, a head as an antenna to receive the energy of the universe and communicate with it.

Sometimes she believed that she did not need anything or anyone. A lone walker with nobody to bother and nobody bothering her. Then she understood, she knew that every little or big thing she does affects her surroundings, our roots, so she started to bother. Then, it became a wishful longing; where her kin were like these mushrooms, rooted for each other even without seeing, even without feeling it, just being. If only we were like them, we would  be a magnificent forest, full of diversity, in colors, shapes, and heights. Breathing this same air that brings oxygen no matter body shapes or ranks. Because in mushroom life, there is no hierarchy.

So much room in this world for all of us, so much room in the head of these two mushrooms, and in her, and myself, and you. So much to give and love and live in awe and wonder.

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